change in trumps america

A Practical Guide to Change in Trump’s America

Day two of Trump’s America has started and we’re ready for change. Protests have spread through cities across America and celebrities are reminding us to fight:

It’s great to be a celebrity. You can be poetic and inspiring without actually having to do anything. You can black out your Twitter page or encourage people to hit the streets, but once you’re done “fighting” for the celebrities of the world, what’re you actually going to do?

Let’s be honest. Starting fires, throwing bricks at the cops, or pretending like #CalExit will ever fucking happen, is not the kind of fight anyone should be waging. You can argue that you want to make sure your voice is heard and I agree. Hell, I’m on your side. But come at me with #CalExit and I’m gonna tune you out.

Everyone’s fears of a Trump presidency are well-founded. He’s emboldened a segment of our country that should never be encouraged and they feel empowered now to say and act in a way that is not welcome in a modern society.

So when you’re ready, let’s talk about a practical way forward.

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