Hack This: IKEA Microwave Cart

Ikea Hack

I’m now a homeowner. Which is huge in many ways. Mostly in how much money appears in my bank account. The answer is less. In fact, I’m practically a money magician at this point. I just put it in the bank and abracadabra it disappears. Thanks home mortgage!

Anyway, to save money, you have to be creative with everything. That’s where IKEA comes in. It’s the ideal store for people on a budget who want a little style to their wares. But sometimes IKEA doesn’t have what you need, so you gotta hack it together into something new. There are entire sites dedicated to IKEA hacks. It’s a crazy subculture.

So I thought I’d share one of mine… Read more

I Lost My Job… Dare I Dream For More?


It’s now May and that marks the start of my fifth month without a job. To put that in perspective, I got my first job when I was 11 as a paperboy. Since then, I’ve only been unemployed one other time. It was for three months in 2009, one of the worst times in America to find a job. I worked through undergrad. I worked through grad school. I’ve always worked.

Now, I’m not completely without work. I do consulting. But it’s not a job. I don’t go into an office or lock myself to my desk for eight hours. I set up calls; I offer advice; I take care of what needs to be done for the client; then I invoice them. I’m not hurting like many Americans who’ve lost their jobs. As you read this, know that I know I’m still a little son of a bitch. Read more

Sticking Around and Being There: The First Steps of Fatherhood

Surfing Dad
My dad surfing the day of my wedding.

My father is back in the hospital. He had bifemoral aortic bypass surgery three weeks ago. He spent one week inside recovering. The second he got to go home and I went to help out. I had two main responsibilities: keep his car keys away from him and make sure he ate. I did a bang up job on the first but I failed at getting him to eat. He refused to eat what I prepared or to drink Ensure or any of the “old people” drinks, as he seemed to think of them. He was rarely hungry. It’s a week later and he’s lost twenty pounds and isn’t healing like he should. His gut wrenches and the doctors don’t know what it is. Read more

How to Smoke Brisket on a Charcoal Grill

sliced texas bbq brisket

I live in LA but I’m from Texas. I usually drop that little nugget right after I tell someone my name. Just to get it out there. I like to see the reactions of people from around here when I say it. Most people give me this sort of “oh, poor you” look. They joke about cowboy hats and boots. They ask about guns or if I’m really lucky, it’ll be someone who expounds on race, politics or religion in Texas. Basically everyone in California has an opinion on Texas and Texans and to tell you the truth, they’re all bullshit. Even the people that lived there before have no clue what they’re talking about.

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