Hack This: IKEA Microwave Cart

Ikea Hack

I’m now a homeowner. Which is huge in many ways. Mostly in how much money appears in my bank account. The answer is less. In fact, I’m practically a money magician at this point. I just put it in the bank and abracadabra it disappears. Thanks home mortgage!

Anyway, to save money, you have to be creative with everything. That’s where IKEA comes in. It’s the ideal store for people on a budget who want a little style to their wares. But sometimes IKEA doesn’t have what you need, so you gotta hack it together into something new. There are entire sites dedicated to IKEA hacks. It’s a crazy subculture.

So I thought I’d share one of mine…


Microwaves are hideous counter space wasters.


Get it off the counter and into a dark corner.


Take the IKEA Raskog utility cart and an IKEA Lamplig cutting board and put them in a room alone together for an hour and then nine months later, out pops a Microwave Cart.

raskog-utility-cart-gray__0154992_PE313176_S4 lamplig-chopping-board__0340743_PE527634_S4But if you want it more quickly, just buy those two things above and this junk:

  1. 4 L Brackets
  2. 4 bolts with nuts (use anything you have lying around that fits the brackets. It’s mostly hidden. So if you have spare nuts and bolts, use them. If you don’t have any buy some. Go for about 3/4 inch.)

And then these tools…

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Wrench (size depends on the spare bolts you found or bought.)
  3. Drill
  4. Drill bit
  5. Tape measure


  1. On the long sides of the Raskog, mark two spots on each side where you will drill holes. I put mine two inches from the side poles. The brackets will sit right under the lip of the top bin.
  2. Take your drill and drill 4 holes where you marked them off.
  3. Take the L Brackets and with your random bolts, attach the four brackets around the top bin.
  4. Set the Lamplig on top of the Raskog. With your tape measure, make sure that the board is center. Or if you prefer some overhang, one way or another, go for that. This step is totally dealer’s choice.
  5. Take the wood screws that came with the package of brackets and screw them into the bottom of the Lamplig.
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In the end, it will look like this underneath. It’s not beautiful because of the lip. But it’s sturdy.

Ikea Hack

Final look, comes out like this:


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