how to get free dishes

How to Get Free Dishes from Crate & Barrel

When you get married, you get presents. Presents are awesome. Getting married to a great woman is also awesome. So don’t think that loving presents somehow takes away from the love I have for my wife. Okay? Point is, you get some great gifts.

For our wedding, we registered for and received dishes from Crate & Barrel. These plates and bowls and mugs and saucers have been through a lot. A couple were chipped. One was cracked. Every time I ate something hot out of it, I could hear the crack grow. I expected it to split at any moment and for my food to fall everywhere.

Why did I keep using it? Because I like to live on the edge. Read more

change in trumps america

A Practical Guide to Change in Trump’s America

Day two of Trump’s America has started and we’re ready for change. Protests have spread through cities across America and celebrities are reminding us to fight:

It’s great to be a celebrity. You can be poetic and inspiring without actually having to do anything. You can black out your Twitter page or encourage people to hit the streets, but once you’re done “fighting” for the celebrities of the world, what’re you actually going to do?

Let’s be honest. Starting fires, throwing bricks at the cops, or pretending like #CalExit will ever fucking happen, is not the kind of fight anyone should be waging. You can argue that you want to make sure your voice is heard and I agree. Hell, I’m on your side. But come at me with #CalExit and I’m gonna tune you out.

Everyone’s fears of a Trump presidency are well-founded. He’s emboldened a segment of our country that should never be encouraged and they feel empowered now to say and act in a way that is not welcome in a modern society.

So when you’re ready, let’s talk about a practical way forward.

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Tell Twitter #HeterosexualPrideDay is #NotMyHashtag

Why is #HetereosexualPrideDay trending on Twitter? Well, because our world is becoming a place of hate and anyone that is different from you but asks for tolerance of their lifestyle, faith or skin color is immediately your enemy. Instead of embracing them, we push them away and try to raise ourselves up even higher.

It’s cliche to say “isn’t every day Heterosexual Pride Day,” so I’m not going to say it. (Like my Jedi Trump move of saying something without saying it?)

The painful thing about #HetereosexualPrideDay trending on Twitter is that if you look at the posts, most are people complaining about how fucking stupid and hateful it is. People like me. What we seem to forget about Twitter is that every time we bitch about the stupidity of a particular hashtag in a tweet, we’re just giving it more power. It’s trending because a lot of people are doing the right thing and condemning it.

So I’d like to ask Twitter for their help. We need a way to negate a hashtag. A way for us to talk about a trend or a tag that is bullshit and should die, without promoting it. I’m simplifying, as I’m sure it’s far more complex, but every time a hashtag is used it adds to its value and the higher the value, the higher it trends. But what if we could mention a hashtag and the system recognizes it as a negative mention and that takes away it’s power? Sort of like down voting a hashtag.

I think we’d all get behind that, no?

Something like this -#HetereosexualPrideDay. Just a simple minus sign in front tells Twitter that this hashtag is loathed and hated and it should die. Then each time it gets a positive mention (#HetereosexualPrideDay) and moves up the trend ladder, someone will tweet a negative mention (-#HetereosexualPrideDay) and pull that fucker right back down a rung.

Share your thoughts. Let’s get Twitter to help us fight hate by telling them this is #NotMyHashtag.

Sticking Around and Being There: The First Steps of Fatherhood

Surfing Dad
My dad surfing the day of my wedding.

My father is back in the hospital. He had bifemoral aortic bypass surgery three weeks ago. He spent one week inside recovering. The second he got to go home and I went to help out. I had two main responsibilities: keep his car keys away from him and make sure he ate. I did a bang up job on the first but I failed at getting him to eat. He refused to eat what I prepared or to drink Ensure or any of the “old people” drinks, as he seemed to think of them. He was rarely hungry. It’s a week later and he’s lost twenty pounds and isn’t healing like he should. His gut wrenches and the doctors don’t know what it is. Read more