Change It Up with Clipboard Picture Frames

Since we moved into our house, we’ve been looking for creative and inexpensive ways to decorate. Most of decor so far is repurposing our existing stuff. Whether it’s an IKEA hack to make our old shit look new and classier or turning a tennis racket into wall art, the basic idea is create something new without emptying the wallet.

That led to our guest bedroom. My wife and I want to be amazing hosts. We want people to stay the night with us, then leave and even though we’re not a business, we want them to write reviews for us on Yelp so other friends can find it and think to themselves, “Shit, we should really stay with Ashley and Ryan.”

So far we’ve received good word of mouth. Maybe they’re just being polite, I don’t know. But I choose to believe that I’m a kick ass host.

As an awesome host, you want to kill it with the guest room because that will be their home away from home. We kept getting hung up on what kind of art to hang. If we have friends stay often, they’re going to see the same stuff all the time because we don’t want to redecorate very often.

How can we keep things the same while still seeming fresh and new with every visit?

The answer….

clipboard picture frames


We printed pics from Parabo and simply clipped them onto the clipboards. We ordered several sets so we can just unclip and add new pics. Then guests will get a new look each visit. We could even print out pics based on themes. If we’re having Christmas guests, we could do holiday pics or even just holiday cards we’ve received.

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We could even clip on pics that are specific to our guests. Like old photos of my sister if she stops by.

I have to confess that when I came up with the idea it involved 3 large clipboards. You know the ones the size of a piece of paper that nerds carry around for efficient note taking? Well, after a quick glance on Amazon, I bought the cheapest boards I could find. I did’t bother reading the description, so I was surprised when I opened the box to find 12 miniature clipboards.

Turns out though, it was a fortunate accident because the mini-boards look much better.

Whether you go with the minis or the regular size clipboards, you should first measure your wall and create a hanging pattern for the boards.

Our pattern was a simple 2 by 6 grid.

clipboard picture frames grid


The grid is helpful for placing your nails. Where the horizontal and vertical lines meet is where is where I placed a nail.

I used brass nails from a picture hanging kit because it gave it a more decorative feel. Dealer’s choice. Perhaps you could find some vintage nails or something with character.

But there is, clipboard picture frames. An easy way to change up a room.

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  • Morgan Switzer

    Those look great and are super creative. The versatility makes it a decorating find. Thanks for the great idea. I’ll be sure and book my stay with Ryan & Ashley.